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​close to me

vibraphone duo (2018)

deixar soar

guitar duo (2018)​

​lamento sob um templo suspenso

piano (2012)



SAW (2022)
extemporânea (2022)
música íntima (2022)
​music for 18 victims of hiroshima (2014)
​A Razz I Lout (2012)



electric guitar, piano and bass clarinet (2022)

simple questions,

percussion trio, electronics and video (2022)


harp, oboe and electronics (2021)

jado e misturunto,

percussion sextet (2021)

​heaven ice trip,  

flute, oboe, clarinet, tenor sax, piano, drums and electr. (2019)

em construção no. 1,

for flute, clarinet and two marimbas (2018)


the [f(-)act],

for trumpet, trombone and piano (2015)


for alto voice, guitar and electronics (2013)



ciranda II 

ensemble of 7 musicians (2023)​

vague madame

ensemble of 15 musicians and electronics (2020)​

l'heure bleue (città)

orchestra (2019)

lorem ipsum

choir (2014)

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